Discover Humanity's Next Operating System

Today's social "operating systems" are largely broken. Unfettered capitalism is seen as predatory and polluting. Elections and democracy are being jeopardized and sometimes corrupted, turning countries into illiberal democracies. Public trust in facts, science and institutions is low and falling.

Many groups are developing new social OSes that do things like account for value flows through communities, enhance collective decisionmaking, decentralize information and create marketplaces for work. They come from many different communities, including:

  • Crypto and Decentralized Autonomous Organizations
  • Civic participation
  • Cooperatives and alternative forms of organization

Meanwhile, over the last century, visionaries illustrated computing's possibilities, from Vannevar Bush to JCS Licklider, Alan Kay, Doug Engelbart, Steve Jobs, Ivan Sutherland, Ted Nelson. (Alas, all white men.) All of their visions inspired inventors and developers that followed them. Some of their visions have come true. Others, not so much.

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We are now sorting out — in a decentralized, emergent way or by fiat from above — what the next "Stack" for organizations and societies will be. This will be the OS we take for granted in 2040.