How a Betterverse Might Improve Disciplines

Our vision of a better Metaverse, The Betterverse, motivates the sharing of information across disciplines in ways that are rare today. This page plays these collaborations out, across the disciplines of:

  • Education
  • Science
  • Journalism
  • Politics
  • Governance

Key to understanding the Betterverse is the idea of The Big Fungus, which is our name for the growing collection of information, opinions and media, which are all interconnected the way mycelial filaments (called hyphae) make connections in healthy soil.


Participants in the Betterverse make a practice of adding their documents to The Big Fungus, where they are available to others, just as Wikipedia pages are available to anyone in the world who consults that encyclopedia.

A Journey

Imagine a student, Anna, who wants to understand how masking policies worked and didn't work during the Covid Pandemic. She finds a study headed by an epidemiologist, Bernice, who used open lab notebooks and followed Open Science Protocols, so

How different from just blogging. What does The Big Fungus do better? New value it creates? Interview people on each domain, publish the calls Post the videos as Nuggets, Narratives...

YouTube Shorts to create:

  • Overview
  • Betterverse vs Fungus
  • Each discipline Use Case
  • The role of Openness