Rel8 Mid-Term Goals

What will it take to create a large-scale shared memory that:

  • Is crowdsourced like Wikipedia
  • Allows participants to use multiple memory- and context-making tools (Roam, Kumu, TheBrain, etc.)
  • Allows participants to express their own points of view (unlike Wikipedia)

Bonus points if it:

  • Separates data from tools used to generate and visualize it
  • Encourages "crystallizing" points of view to reduce divergence and chaos

Think of this memory as a layer "above" Wikipedia, Google and the normal Web.

Here are Rel8's Short-Term and Long-Term Goals.

To relate our insights, data, beliefs, we're doing to use X tools and Y processes.

Thoughts to incorporate:

  • Everything is linked
  • Provisional structure
  • Temporary hierarchies (perspective)
  • Persistent place
  • Instrumental