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Rel8 is born from two questions:

  • Why is it so difficult for us to share our notes?
  • Why don't we know what we know collectively?

At the very personal scale, plenty of individuals are perfecting their note-taking, but usually those notes are just for themselves. The rest of us are often duplicating those efforts and not benefiting from the possibilities of a hive mind.

At the larger organizational scale, plenty of companies and nonprofits have spent decades and millions on Knowledge Management, with little benefit to show for it.

We are now in a new era, one that recognizes that humans are essential to Knowledge Management, that visualization is an essential complement to KM, and that collective intelligence must respect differing points of view.

Rel8 is a shepherding and stewarding project, not a coding project to build yet another platform.

Instead, Rel8 seeks to figure out out what conditions, organizations and dynamics need to exist so we can create a shared memory. This mission requires:

  • Convening solution-finding conversations
  • Creating prototype code and use cases to illustrate what's possible and why

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