/Bigger Goals

/Bonfires on the Horizon


/Brainy McBrainface

/Build an edible landscape!

/Co-Write a NeoBook

/Convene Six Neighbor Communities

/Curitiba's rebirth

/Discover Humanity's Next Operating System

/Effects on Journalism

/Eric's Render Notes in MX

/Externalize My Writings

/Fellowship of the Link

/Free Jerry's Brain

/Get Involved

/Get Locals Talking!

/Have a Project

/Help Create This Wiki

/Highest Aspirations

/How Can Rel8 Appeal to Normal Citizens

/How Do Neighboring Projects Fit With Rel8

/How to Do a Manual Push to Github from Terminal

/How to Get Permalinks for Obsidian Pages

/How to Illustrate the Rel8 Vision and Benefits


/Inoculate The Big Fungus

/Jerry at U22

/Jerry Michalski

/Jerry's Brain

/Jerry's Jimmy Wales Story About the Pope Benedict Page in Wikipedia

/Jerry's Office Hours

/Jerry's Render Brain

/JerrysBrain as a Starter for a Global Brain

/Level up Media

/Make Better Decisions Together

/Make Use of Jerry's Brain

/Mapping Tools for Thinking

/Mathew Lowry

/Mathew's Render Notes




/Neighboring Organizations

/Notetaking Systems and Tools

/Online Conversations

/Open Global Mind

/Our Groundrules

/Pedestrians Over Cars!

/Playing with Excalidraw.excalidraw

/Pragmatic Aspirations

/Present from a NeoDeck

/Pretend it exists!

/Prototype a Funding Mechanism


/Rel8 Bigger Goals Map

/Rel8 Code of Conduct

/Rel8 Glossary

/Rel8 Goals

/Rel8 Inspirations

/Rel8 Key Questions

/Rel8 Long-Term Goals

/Rel8 Mid-Term Goals

/Rel8 Office Hours

/Rel8 Pioneers

/Rel8 Projects

/Rel8 Short-Term Goals

/Rel8 Tips and Support

/Rel8 Use Cases

/Rel8 Vision Video

/Rel8's Mosaic

/Resources for Render

/Rethinking the Tools for Thinking Podcast

/Revitalizing Cities

/Save Civilization

/Scribing Tools for Thinking

/SenseDo One Issue in Depth


/Shared Notes Across Six Tools

/Shorts to Revitalize Cities

/Standing Calls

/Storytelling + Relationships + Resources = Lasting Change

/Storytelling of What Works

/T4T S01E01 - Intro Episode and Render Review (John and Jerry)

/T4T S01E02 - From Second Brains to Collective Brains (Sari and Rufus)

/T4T S01E03 - Space, Pixels and Cognition (Yiliu and John)

/T4T S01E04 - Creativity and Tools for Thinking (Molly and Sam)

/T4T S01E05 - Machine Learning for Thinking (Alice and Sam)

/T4T S01E06 - Machine Learning and Public Knowledge Graphs (Samiur, Jude and John)

/T4T S01E07 - Rethinking Data Structures (Paul, Alex and John)

/T4T S01E08 - Funding Tools for Thinking (Andrew, James and John)

/T4T S01E09 - Generative Art(ists) (Danika, Emad, David)

/T4T S01E10 - Thinking from the Bottom Up (Gordon, Sönke)

/T4T S01E11 - Maps and Creativity (Anne-Laure, Lorenzo)

/T4T S01E12 - Public or Private Brains? (Anne-Laure and Tiago)

/T4T S01E13 - AI and Consciousness (James and John)

/T4T S01E14 - Digital Gardening (Maggie and Rob)

/T4T S01E15 - Taming the Chaos (William, Justin and Jordan)

/T4T S01E16 - Why Tools for Thinking (Ida and Doug)

/T4T Season Two

/T4T Venn Diagram

/TfT Flow.excalidraw

/The Big Fungus

/The Situation

/The View from Rel8's Mast.excalidraw

/Tile - 1-2-4-All Zoom App

/Tile - Chron Job to Update Jerry's Exported Brain

/Tile - Massive Pitch

/Tile - Rendering Excalidraw


/Tiles Wishlist

/Tools for Thinking Camp

/Tools for Thinking Podcast

/Use Pattern Languages!

/Virtual T4T Event

/Ways You Can Participate

/Weaving the World

/What Are We Doing Now

/What Multiplayer Sensemaking Needs Now

/What Should Rel8’s Structure Be

/Where Is Rel8

/Why Rel8 Exists

/Work In Progress

/Writing Style for This Project

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Model Being a Cyborg/Centaur