Bigger Goals

Jerry here. In the spirit of treating 2023 like the last year I get to do things on this planet (don't worry: no bad news received), this page lists the things I will do this year, motivated by What Multiplayer Sensemaking Needs Now.

Monthly Projects

  1. Storytelling of What Works
  2. Shared Notes Across Six Tools
  3. Redesign the Tools for Thinking Podcast
  4. Present from a NeoDeck
  5. SenseDo One Issue in Depth
  6. Inoculate The Big Fungus (Upload Subset of Jerry's Brain to Several T4T Platforms)
  7. Convene a Virtual T4T Event (Hoedown?)
  8. Externalize My Writings
  9. Co-Write a NeoBook (or three)
  10. Model Being a Cyborg/Centaur (#futureofwork)
  11. Turbocharge Pattern Languages
  12. Prototype a Funding Mechanism (the Tiles-to-Mosaic Code-Bounty Flow)
  13. Convene Six Neighbor Communities
  14. Brain + ChatGPT

! The numbers map to the Bigger Goals.

Criteria for Goal Definition and Sequencing:

  • Ease of execution
  • Usefulness for Muggles
  • Fit with mission
  • Interest (pull, from curiosity to passion)
  • Availability of funding
  • Public relevance, timeliness
  • Danger?
  • Who cares?


  • These goals are all very intertwingled. See Rel8 Bigger Goals Map
  • Just making a dent matters
  • The bigger pattern matters a lot
  • This list is plastic. Feedback will make it more effective.
  • Movement building: getting many balls rolling, attracting communities

Potential focal areas (especially for #5, SenseDoing)

  • Design from Trust
  • Revitalizing Cities
  • Regenerative Agriculture
  • Productive Political Debate
  • How Would a Wise Community Handle a Pandemic like Covid?
  • History of Computing (T4T Season Two)
  • Pattern Languages (distilled wisdom)
  • Identity Politics and Cancel Culture
  • Self-Directed Education
  • Why Share?
  • How Might We End Wars Well?

Overall goals of leveling up:

  • How we make decisions together
  • How media works, how we think about it