Storytelling of What Works

To make easily understood, potentially inspiring stories available to people who want to improve their lives or neighborhoods.

All too often, well-intentioned organizations and individuals try to help communities that really need help by imposing plans, processes, tools and structures that the helpers "know" work. But those change efforts often stall or slip.

Much stickier is change that starts from the community in question. Problem is, communities that could use help are often so overwhelmed or resource-constrained that they have little idea of what's possible, given their situation.

An amateur theory of change: Storytelling + Relationships + Resources = Lasting Change.

First step toward a solution: let's make quick, simple stories available that illustrate what other communities have done, which has helped them.

One useful format is Tik-Tok; another is YouTube Shorts. We'll start with the latter. Here are some YouTube Shorts to test these ideas:

All these Shorts are mapped in Jerry's Brain, here.