Shared Notes Across Six Tools

To prototype note sharing across software applications, improving interoperability in order to build a shared memory.

Some Tools for Thinking are designed for Multiplayer Sensemaking, but not the majority of them.

Realistically, mappers and notetakers will have different preferences and workflows, and will gravitate to different tools and platforms.

To build a useful shared memory, we need to share notes across systems, losing as little information as possible in the process.

To this end, we will pilot note interchanges between six participants on six different platforms. (More are welcome; see below.)

This page will be the the shared starting point. These days, the Markdown format is a decent common denominator across many tools and platforms. This document is published via Massive Wiki to this repository on Github, which offers version and access control, as well as a flow of people who understand open-source processes and Github's collaboration method, Fork and Pull.


If you would like to join in the fun, please either:

  • Email Jerry
  • Fork this repo, edit this page, and submit a pull request to update it.
  • Link to this page from your preferred tool and share that URL with Jerry.

This exercise is also a way of making the shared memory real, giving it a more memorable presence, like The Big Fungus.

The next step in this path is to Co-Write a NeoBook.

This project is one of Jerry's Bigger Goals for 2023.