The Big Fungus

Why a Big Fungus?

It's a rich, evocative metaphor about symbiosis and collaboration in nature, which fits our mission at Rel8.

Leaf-cutter ants are also know as farmer ants, because they farm a fungus. That fungus metabolizes leaf matter, which the ants collect from the forest, then mulch up with some ant spit, and feed to the fungus. In return, the fungus creates Gongylidia and oozes nectar, all of which feeds the ant colony.

Happy fungus, happy hive.

Similarly, many humans are trying to make sense of the world by taking notes, enhancing those notes, and exploring shared notetaking.

Think of it as a layer of assertions and opinions above the Wikipedia.

So how might some of us

Of course, we have a fledgling website devoted to The Big Fungus.