Tile - 1-2-4-All Zoom App

1, 2, 4, All is a Pattern in the brilliant Liberating Structures Pattern Language, intended for group process facilitators.

This pattern is also known as "Think, Pair, Share," which describes its process: if your group faces a thorny question, give them each time to think on their own (1), then pair them up (2), then put them in fours (4), then bring everyone back to plenary (all).

When the Pandemic struck, most conversations got shoved into Zoom rectangles. Zoom Apps are a relatively new addition to the Zoom platform. Being a skilled facilitator takes time and learning.

What if hard-won facilitation wisdom were at our fingertips, easy to discover and apply? That's surprisingly easy to imagine.


First, where's the wisdom? Conveniently, in many domains of human activity, skilled practitioners have documented Pattern Languages, which are succinct descriptions of great practices in a specific domain. We've collected a few that are relevant to OGM's Mission in Pattern Languages of Interest.


Second, how to make the patterns easier to discover?

Your natural instincts here are probably right: visibility requires some marketing, some packaging and some networking. But there are other ways of raising visibility, such as building the patterns into advice-giving systems such as chatbots. Imagine a facilitation chatbot that takes stock of your situation, then recommends the 1-2-4-All pattern.


Third, and this is sort of new, how to make the patterns easier to apply?

Instrumenting Wisdom