Resources for Render

Welcome to betaworks' Render session about Tools for Thinking. This page has resources you may find useful during the event.

Love to chat with other attendees? Create a free login on this Mattermost server (like Slack), then join the Tools for Thinking channel to chat.

Curious about Tools for Thinking? Several people will be "scribing" our sessions today, using different tools. Learn more about them here.

Want to contribute to a "shared brain"? Click here (details in the note below).

Last, but def not least: Have a Tools for Thinking startup? Apply for betaworks' Think Camp!

Plexus is an AI-powered community forum for all conference participants, developed by the Plexus team (founded by Davey Morse). A Shared Brain is a social network without a feed. You open to a blank page, type the thing that's on your mind, and get connected with the most related thoughts from the rest of the knowledge tech community. Click here to get started.