Scribing Tools for Thinking

This page is base camp for people interested in "scribing" the Tools for Thinking Camp sessions that Betaworks is hosting over the next few months.


There are many ways we might describe the activity of filtering, annotating, enhancing, connecting and mapping conversations, including:

  • Scribing
  • Annotating, Notetaking
  • Context Weaving
  • Curating
  • Mapping

Let's pick one we love and rename the role (and this page).

This project

Betaworks is hosting a chain of events around the topic of Tools for Thinking, starting with this Render session on August 16. After that session, Jerry will host weekly Zoom sessions on this topic, leading up to the Think Camp, which is designed to accelerate 8 to 10 startups, which will go through an application process.

In order to show how Tools for Thinking can actually enrich these conversations and interactions, Jerry is marshaling Scribes to participate as a bit of a Greek Chorus during the events. (Scribes will get complimentary access to the Render session.)

Unlike Greek Choruses, which apparently were intentionally homogeneous, our Scribes will be quite individualistic: each will work in the tool of their choice, curating as they prefer to. Those apps will include Roam, Miro, Kumu, TheBrain, Obsidian and An Agora.

Where possible, we will create linkages between the different sets of notes and maps, so that they form a loosely navigable whole.

Our Scribes

The following folks will be scribing the Tools for Thinking series:

We also have a "shared brain" using Plexus, which you can participate in here. Plexus is an AI-powered community forum for all conference participants, developed by the Plexus team (founded by Davey Morse). A Shared Brain is a social network without a feed. You open to a blank page, type the thing that's on your mind, and get connected with the most related thoughts from the rest of the knowledge tech community. Again, click here to get started.

If you would like to join in, please email Jerry.

This page is referenced in Resources for Render.