Think Camp

Betaworks is producing a small chain of events, starting with a session on August 16, and leading to a longer Think Camp accelerator program that they will host this fall in NYC. Jerry is helping them.

The goal of the Camp is to invest in this "Tools for Thinking" space, in several senses of the word "invest."

As a venture firm, Betaworks would clearly like to back startups in this space. Shortly they'll be taking applications to the Think Camp. The startups that are accepted will receive a financial investment, as well as mentoring, feedback and other ways to level up.

On a slightly larger scale, Betaworks' Camps are investments in emergent domains, so there is an intention to refine and grow this domain, so that humans might think better.

On the largest scale, Betaworks would like to contribute to our shared information Commons, knowing that improving our ability to share and connect ideas will likely lead to increased social trust, as well as better collective decision making. Many Tools for Thinking end up as personal notetaking systems, which is a great start. But how might we also catalyze the creation of a "hive mind" floating above Wikipedia and the Web?


One of our first tasks is Defining Tools for Thinking

Another is to create a small posse of thinkers who like to work in public view, sharing their notes and insights, and bring their attention to this space. Let's call this Scribing Tools for Thinking

We'll need Resources for Render.

And we're starting the Tools for Thinking Podcast.