Rel8 Tiles

Tiles are smallish, modular code elements that we scope, fund, write, then share as open source.

A Project may have many Tiles. A narrative that connects several Projects is a Mosaic, essentially a vision of where the collection of Projects is headed.

We call them Tiles because they are part of larger Mosaics (or Tapestries, if you prefer), which paint visions of where projects are headed.

A good Tile serves several Projects, solving a problem they share in a general way.

Here is our Tiles Wishlist.

Here's a table of our Tiles, finished and proposed:

Tile Name Description Author(s) Status Link Projects Served
MemeBrane API for Jerry's Brain Marc-Antoine Parent Finished link goes here FJB, OGM, Rel8
Brainy McBrainface Example UI for Memebrane Bentley Davis Finished link FJB, OGM, Rel8
Tile - Massive Pitch PowerPoint as a playlist ?? Proposed
Multiple improvements to Massive Wiki Pete Kaminski In Progress MW Roadmap
Tile - Rendering Excalidraw ?? Proposed
Updating JB Marc-Antoine Parent Proposed
Spider Diagrams ?? Proposed
Importing JB into Zsolt's Brain Zsolt Viczian Proposed
Tile - 1-2-4-All Zoom App ?? Proposed