Bonfires on the Horizon

The Tools for Thinking field consists of many small communities working enthusiastically on specific subsets of tools and techniques. They burn brightly, but aren't converging to create broader offers.

We think of them as Bonfires on the Horizon, and wish to visit those bonfires with the goal of connecting the communities so that their tools and data will play together much better, catalyzing the emergent global brain.

There are numerous communities in this sector, including - Zettelkasten - The Cult of Roam - Obsidian - FedWiki - Build a Second Brain - Linking Your Thinking - Canonical Debate Lab - TopicQuests Foundation - The Enspiral Network and Loomio - vTaiwan and - and more

Jerry's Brain contains a map of these bonfires, which looks like this: !

These bonfire communities are part of a larger set I call OGM Neighbor Communities: ! (That's just A through G; there's a scroll bar. Also, every yellow Thought is a category with more beneath it.)