Jerry's Brain (moved)

Jerry spent a dozen years as a tech-industry trends analyst. One of the 4,000 software vendors who pitched him their wares (hoping he would write about them) had mind-mapping software called TheBrain. You can learn more about Jerry's particular use of TheBrain at, and you can learn about how to put Jerry's Brain to work for you by watching this video:

And you can browse Jerry's Brain freely by clicking here.

Jerry's Brain + Rel8

Jerry's Brain is particularly interesting in the context of Rel8 because:

  • it offers a close-up view of one person curating a shared memory for a quarter century,
  • it is a starting point for collaborations to create those shared memories, and
  • it is a use case that can help us find our way to generalized insights.

Make Use of Jerry's Brain

JerrysBrain as a Starter for a Global Brain