Jerry's Office Hours


These are Jerry Michalski's office hours, not standing calls, so it's Jerry working with his garage door open.

You are very welcome to join him; your presence will should help him get things done. The table below shows what he'll be focusing on for each session.

He holds these calls in his Zoom, here. Most he will record and post online, with links in the table below.

You can find other flotilla members' office hours here.

Jerry's Schedule

Date Working on Link
July 4, 10am PT Rel8: Build out the Rel8 wiki On YouTube
July 5, 3pm PT Rel8: Vision video brainstorming On YouTube
July 6, 10am PT Think Camp: Definitions & fit Not recorded
July 7, 2pm PT Rel8 Mid-Term Goals On YouTube
July 9, 1pm PT Rel8's Mosaic On YouTube
July 10, 1pm PT

Brewing topics for Office Hours:

  • Tiles
  • How do drawings fit?
  • Who would you invite to help design this?